Pittsburgh Puppet Works ventriloquist shows

Destination Imagination!

Join ventriloquist, Gwen Bowman, and her zany crew members as they travel around the United States and meet all sorts of comical puppet creatures at each stop along the way.  A variety of amusing & educational themes presented:  Nutrition, Animals, Exploration, Fairy tales, Insects,

Super Heroes, Foreign Language, Geography & Reading!

Great for preschools and libraries.

Dennis Bowman's Severe Atmosphere!

Ventriloquist, (and everyone’s favorite TV meteorologist) Dennis Bowman, brings along his quick-witted, hilarious, wooden alter ego to entertain and teach about severe weather and storm safety.  Visit includes the 4-foot tall tornado simulator.

Flooding and Forecasting with Dennis Bowman

Dennis and his puppet pal, Chester Drawers, share some laughs as they educate all about precipitation and flash-flooding.  Kids even learn how to read a weather map!  Lots of crowd participation and a super-silly rendition of the Aesop’s Fable “The Sun and the Wind”.

Dennis Bowman's Ventriloquist Show

Enjoy the comedy and enchantment that only Dennis and his wooden sidekick, Chester Drawers, can provide.  This high-energy act is a treat for all ages and includes hilarious jokes, silly stories and toe-tappin’ tunes.  The duo’s rendition of the classic “Who’s on First” routine hits a ‘home run’ every time!!

Safari Bob, Worldwide Animal Guide

Ventriloquist, Bob Rumba, portrays a wacky world traveler as he and his puppet friends discuss their mis-adventures and educate the kids about animals from different continents.  Very interactive!

Ducky, Bucky and the Big Dig

Ventriloquist, Bob Rumba, his construction worker ducky pal and a pompous beaver square off in this quirky conundrum about an architectural design!

Audience members take the stage and try to make sense of it all by participating in feats of silliness.

Creative Comedy at Cost

Watch in amazement as ventriloquist, Bob Rumba, sculpts puppets out of balloons and brings them to life!  Audience volunteers help operate the mouth of the character, as a silly voice begins cracking jokes and telling crafty anecdotes!  Bob brings along his magical trunk of hats, props and a magical sketching pad!  He demonstrates how to use your artistic imagination and humor with items you can find around the house.  This act features loads of crowd participation…kids even assist in crazy juggling feats!

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