Pittsburgh Puppet Works full length puppet shows.

Our full length 40 minute puppet shows feature professional staging, lightng and sound as well as TV/ film quality puppets.

Birthday Shows:

-Loonies and Laughs Birthday Bash

A silly birthday themed show with loads of fun, familiar tunes (like B-I-N-G-O).  Knock, Knock jokes, Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey included.  Puppets sing "Happy Birthday" to birthday child.  Appropriate for ages 1 and up.

-Fiesta Follies

A birthday show with a fiesta theme!  Lively Latin tunes mixed with all original jokes and mini skits.  Puppets sing "Happy Birthday" to birthday child.  Chicken Dance included!  Appropriate for kids ages 5 and up.

Educational Shows:

-A Bee C’s Dee

Bumble the Bee wishes he could read and one night he is visited by a friend, Dee, in a dream.  When he awakens, he finds that he’s gotten the ‘buzz’ about the basics and is well on his way to ‘bee’ing a bookworm!  It’s a real ‘honey’ of a show featuring, fun, familiar tunes with alphabet themes, silliness and a great way for kids to catch the reading ‘bug’!

-The Art of Puppetry

A program that teaches kids the art of puppetry!  Our visit begins with a 30 minute professional puppetry performance, loaded with snappy tunes and silly jokes.  After the show, puppeteers teach basic puppetry techniques and demonstrate how to make a sock puppet and a simple theater out of inexpensive supplies they might already have at home!

-Go Green To Beat The ‘Burgh Blues

A little girl’s visit to the zoo in Pittsburgh turns into a trip around the planet

as she meets animals from 7 different struggling eco-systems.  Can they teach her to spread environmental awareness and take ‘steps’ to reduce her own carbon footprint before Pittsburgh, itself, becomes uninhabitable?

-Bye, Bye Bully

A full length puppet production that teaches kids how to recognize risk factors,

consequences and warning signs associated with bullies, and how to avoid bullying and being bullied.  These important concepts are illustrated to children through live interaction with the puppets and puppeteers as well as all-original jokes, mini skits and songs!  This show is geared toward elementary schools

Just for Fun Shows

-Fun Factory Follies

Lively, familiar and fun music selections mixed with all-original jokes and mini skits.  This show features snappy choreography and is enjoyed by all ages!

Springtime Show:

-Hippity Hoppity Follies

Silly jokes, springtime tunes and bunny running gags.  Storyline:  A clumsy bunny who’s taking the Easter Bunny final exam needs some serious help.  Will he improve and be ready?  Or will he be the only bunny who can’t

dance the bunny hop!  This show features snappy choreography and is enjoyed by all ages!


-Inky's Black Cat Blues

It's almost Halloween, and Inky the black cat wants to be part of the silly, spooky, trick-or-treat frights, but there's just one problem - he's too adorable!  Whose afraid of a cuddly, cute kitty?  Watch as Inky and his best pal Albert, meet a cast of ghastly ghouls who pitch in to help Inky become the scariest black cat ever.  Will they succeed in turning Inky into a frightening feline?  Will Albert ever recover from a witch's spell?  Will the aliens who just crash landed on earth, steal all the halloween candy?  Aliens? Yes, throw some aliens into the mix and you get a freaky fun tale filled with music, jokes, and furry friends.

-Silly Spooktacular

Monster tunes and Hallowen themed jokes and mini skits.  Storyline:  Sonny Boy can not decide on a costume to wear so Gramps offers silly suggestions which prove to be helpful in the end.  Be sure to watch for the suprise ending!  Kids participate in the Wooly Booly Limbo!  A treat for kids and adults!

-Candy Factory Caper

High-energy puppet production with spooky songs, silly jokes and special effects! Storyline:  Two comical workers at The Three Rivers Candy Factory are puzzled by a strange noise as they frantically try to make the candy packaging deadline for Trick or Treating.  What could it be? A witch?, a vampire?  You’ve gotta wait ‘til the end to find out!  Wooly Booly Limbo, included!


-Where In The World Is Rudy?

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa & his reindeer are preparing for their festive flight to deliver toys.  But wait!  Rudy the red-nosed reindeer is way off Santa’s radar!  He’s lost and it’s getting closer and closer to “Go Time”.  Watch what happens when a bunch of well-meaning merry makers, send Rudy everywhere but the North Pole!   Holiday tunes from around the

world, jolly jokes, and mini-skits will keep everyone entertained, as Rudy travels the globe trying to find his way home.   Will he get there in time for Christmas?  Will Santa have to fly without him?  Will he find his way out of Pittsburgh?  Fasten your seatbelts for a surprise ending!

-A Chris Mouse Tail

Merry jokes, festively classic tunes and a hilariously interactive dance break!  Storyline: A forgetful mouse named Chris simply cannot remember why he tied  a ribbon on his tail.  Join him on a musical journey and see if he remembers in the ‘end’(ha)...could there be a surprise twist and a super silly spoof of a classic TV show?  Ahhh well, it is a PittsburghPuppet Works production after all!

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