Pittsburgh Puppet Works puppet show specials

Puppet Show Specials


Choose from these 25 min. puppet show

specials starting at just $189.00!

All specials include snappy tunes,

original jokes and mini skits!

- Archeology begins with “A”:

A little boy dreams of becoming an archaeologist, but he needs to learn how to read first!  Join him on his quest as he discovers the A B C’s of Egypt!  Music, laughs, adventure...Oh my!

-Captain Carbohydrate’s Energy A B C’s:

It’s a bird! It’s a plane? Why no!  Yakkity yams, it’s Captain Carbohydrate!  Come along, as he takes us on a tour of

musical morsels and teaches us that what we eat affects how we feel!

-Birthday Special:

A shorter version of our popular birthday bash!

-Fun Factory Special:

Our just for fun show!

-Springtime Special:

Hip-hoppin’ springtime bunny fun!

-Halloween Boo Special:

All the fun of Halloween without the fright!

-Fiesta Special:

Silly puppets teach simple Spanish language concepts!

-Holiday Special:

Elves, reindeer and everything jolly!


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