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About Us


Our production troupe consists of  puppeteers who are all fully

trained according to industry standards:


Gwen Bowman  -  President

Sigurdur Erlingsson - General Manager

Carla Simmons - Musical Consultant

Adrienne Essey  -  Child Development Consultant





Sigurdur Erlingsson         Carla Simmons         Gwen Bowman              Ian Petrella

Bob Rumba                         Nick Walker              James Rumbaugh          Laura Wise

Wayne Smith                      Adrienne Essey        Kim Sauers


Click here for some behind the scenes photos!


All puppeteers provide character voices for the productions, which are

digitally recorded and mastered at a our studio in Allison Park, PA

Recording Engineer - Sigurdur Erlingsson


Additional featured character voices performed by:


Dennis Bowman -        TV Meteorologist/ Ventriloquist

Gina Deutsch  -             Puppeteer/Comedy Writer

Jason Deutsch  -            Musician/Singer/Songwriter

Bob Rumba  -                Comedian/Ventriloquist

Walter Tolentino -        Musician/Singer/Songwriter

Laura Wise -                  Dance Instructor/Puppeteer


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