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Our Specialty:

Creating and performing professional, hilarious, engaging and all around catchy puppet productions for any audience or occasion.  All productions feature professional staging, lighting and sound, as well as TV/film quality puppets.  The show content is often a mix of toe-tappin’ tunes with complex choreography and multi-part harmonies , coupled with jokes, skits and themed running gags.

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We’re Pittsburgh Puppet Works, the one-stop puppet show shop, serving Pittsburgh and locations throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania , since 2004!  In keeping true to the historical roots of puppetry in the U.S., crafty jokes and zany anecdotes are important components in our productions and we have many offerings that are “just for fun”!  Puppets are such a powerful teaching tool, and we've found with the right blend of comedy and education, kids really grasp a variety of challenging issues and concepts so we are also pleased to offer an array of programs that treat topics like:  The Environment, Nutrition, Bullying, Reading & even learning Spanish!  So please feel free to browse around and check out everything we have to offer.



Our Mission:

To create the illusion of life through the art of puppetry & authentic character performances in order to preserve, encourage and awaken a childlike belief in the magic-Yep, our characters are REAL!


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